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This soap is made with Tea Tree oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Vitamin E oil, Poppyseeds, Goat's milk and Glycerin and it does wonders for acne!!!  I've been making and selling this for a few years  and it is a customer favorite!


 Stop Mask Zit Soap exfoliates with  it's poppy seeds and lemon zest embedded into the goats milk & glycerin, the tea tree oil deep cleans , vitamin E enriches and heals, the lemon essential oil aids in the cleaning of pores, the  goat's milk, soothes and nourishes and the glycerin moisturizes, all and all this is a busy soap! 

Bars vary in appearance because each batch is handmade and unique, same ingredients but vary in color.


Each Bar is hand cut and approximately 3 ounces. each bar is $4.00 . If you need a larger quantity, message me, I'm sure I can make what you need.

Stop Zit Facial Soap

  • This is for external use only, supervise children when they are using this and all soap.

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