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Have you noticed that it takes a couple seconds for your towel to absorb a watery spill? It's probably because your towels have a film covering each fiber that comes from the chemicals in your dryer sheets! And guess what, that film is on all of your clothes ! But there is a healthy, all natural solution to replace those chemicals.  Alpaca Dryer  Balls are that solution. They are an essential laundry product! Toss one or 2-3 if you do large loads and they will : cut your drying time

                                                    stop static

                                                    soften  towels and clothes

                                                    pull pet hair from your clothes

                                                    AND they last for a couple years!

But you say you want scented laundry? no problem, just add a few drops  of your favorite  essential oils to the ball and your laundry will smell fantastic !! After a few weeks when the scent wears off, reapply or change to a new scent! ( essential oils are NOT included)

 Our herd of 14 ( babies on the way) currently are, black, dark brown, medium brown , white and light fawn. The dryer balls are those assorted colors, most  are solid color, occasionally I get creatice and make marble colored, if you have a preference you can mention it, and I will try to ship/ deliver that color if available.



Alpaca Dryer Ball

SKU: 0002
  • Alpaca dry balls are hand made, felted balls made from  100% alpaca fiber from our herd of alpaca.

    Alpaca fiber is :


    not only fire resistant,

    but self extinguishing!

    And It's anti-microbial

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